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Identifying the right person for the job provides a significant competitive advantage. The right employee means an individual with higher performance, more satisfaction, more commitment to the organization and a lower level of stress. In addition, according to research, organizations that evaluate their employees with measurement tools during and after recruitment are organizations with higher profitability and productivity levels.


In order to develop and maintain these systems established by professional human resources consultants, we provide services that meet all functions of human resources management, taking into account the objectives of the companies.


HR Services:

Today, companies that have completed their HR structuring do not only prepare for employee problems, but also plan for the future by using HR management tools such as performance management, career management, wage management and motivation tools in the transition process. Companies that have yet to complete their HR structuring for various reasons or have problems in the transition process and treat personnel issues as personal issues, the HR department creates departments and structures the established departments, and ultimately provides administrative services to the HR department.


Human Resource Management Operations Review:

One of the biggest problems of companies is that the HR system is faulty, incomplete or irregular according to company dynamics. The company will have a structure that can compete more, differentiate itself in the market, increase its dominance in the market, and most importantly, ensure its continuity.


Create performance management processes:

Determining the training needs of the employees, getting information about the professional expectations of the employees, distinguishing the high-performing employees from the other employees, observing the personnel relations of the management, identifying the problems and finding solutions, identifying the potential candidates from the managers, obtaining the data for the determination of the actions, to increase the efficiency where they have the opportunity. to reveal the aspects of the employees that need to be developed and to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the employees.


Creating a wage management system:


The wage management system, which has become very important especially after the crisis, has gained great importance in terms of ensuring fairness in wages and determining who has the competence, at what level and what kind of wage they will receive.


Its Benefits:

• The determination of wages is based on objective principles, which are important for ensuring fair wages inside and outside the company.


• It is important to motivate employees, their goals and career plans become clear.


• Training is of great importance for the correct and complete functioning of the business management system, performance evaluation system and other elements of business life. This is a concrete demonstration of systems.


Competence and Skill Analysis:

Competencies are observable behaviors that include knowledge, skills and attitudes that are characterized by achieving superior performance, they can be learned and developed in a meaningful way, and competency analysis is performed to identify the behaviors necessary to achieve expected business results. The competency model is defined as the identification and inclusion of observable and measurable knowledge, skills and attitudes that must be achieved while the organization achieves superior performance.

Analysis results generate data for the most important human resources functions, such as the right choice, performance appraisal, performance management, career management, wage management, and the creation and operation of training and development systems.