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Create a simple, uncomplicated, professional website.

  • Create marketing videos.

  • Designing an advertising banner that expresses a product or service.

  • Create pages on social networking sites.

  • Write articles about your product or service.

  • Running professional paid advertising campaigns online.

  • Determine the target group of people.

First: the website

Creating a website enhances the visibility of your brand to customers who are looking for your products and services, whether the services or products are electronic or physical.

Your site makes it easier for customers to access what you offer them and what sets you apart from competitors in your field.

Having a website for yourself is one of the most important stages towards the path to success that you have to take. The website can deliver your message and be seen by millions of interested people, so why wait!!

Second: Create marketing videos

One of the most effective ways to bring visitors to your site is videos, which are becoming more and more important day by day, as YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms that you can bring visitors through because of its wide spread and fame around the world.

Also, e-marketing through videos is one of the most important tools used by many large and emerging companies. This method of e-marketing is the first method, as the products offered on the Internet cannot be touched, but you can identify them through the video presented.

Third: - An advertising banner

Banner is an image of a certain size that is animated or fixed, and texts can be added to it. It is used as an advertisement cover. Marketing through advertising banners is characterized by directing advertising to the target group, and what is distinctive is the use of flashes and animations that draw attention and the possibility of achieving results faster because of their high effectiveness in persuasion. Banners are one of the most popular ways to advertise and market your products.


Fourth: The importance of creating pages on social networking sites

 Social media has become very important in e-marketing operations worldwide. The role that these networks play in our time cannot be denied, and the importance comes through

Brand promotion

By listening to customers, communicating with them on a daily basis, answering their questions and inquiries, and building trust with visitors by highlighting the benefits of your business.

gain new clients

Through social networks, you may reach new customers who have not heard of your brand before and then have the opportunity to interact with them.

get visitors

Getting new traffic to your site is very important as your followers are directed to the social pages of your own site by publishing your site links and pages on these social pages.

Customer feedback analysis

Where it is possible to analyze customer interactions, follow up on their comments, needs, and drawbacks that they may suffer from, and improve and develop pages according to the data.

Fifth: Write articles about the product

 It is also one of the best means of indirect promotion of products and services. Good content brings interested visitors and articles can be used as a means of attracting and persuading the product or service.


Sixth: Paid online advertising campaigns

Running paid advertising campaigns is a very important part of promoting your product, service or site, and through it you can target a specific segment of interest. You can target your ad to them according to their place of residence, language, age group, job and interests. You can also set your budget, choose the times and days of advertising, analyze campaign results, and make adjustments to get a successful campaign.

Determine the target group of people

 When talking about this point, we must study the extent to which the service or product attracts more people than others, as we often see expensive advertisements in inappropriate places.

 Age group: Any age groups that will benefit from the product, children, youth, adolescents, and the elderly.

Gender: Is this product for both sexes? Or only serve men or women.

Place: Selecting the target city or country through your advertisement plays an important role. Do they care about your product or service?