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One of the most important advantages of e-marketing is the multiplicity of its methods and tools, which makes it suitable for different types of businesses and ages, as it is preferable to apply all methods because in the end they flow into one channel, which is what you market to, which will provide greater spread and success over time. As it is known that implementation and then seeing the desired results requires time, effort and patience, like other fields. There is no magic wand in e-marketing that brings customers without work. Perhaps one of the most important and most influential types of marketing is:


Email Marketing: ( E-mail Marketing )

Email remains one of the most prominent communication tools on the electronic network. This type is not as exciting as other communication tools offered by social networking sites, but it has many advantages and tremendous marketing capabilities. For example, marketers can take advantage of the privacy of email communication by sending detailed offers to newsletter subscribers, as these offers are not available to the general public to view content or obtain exclusive discounts.



Search Engine Optimization

The main task of the website is to introduce the company's services and products on the Internet, attract visitors' interest and convert them into customers. As it is known, a website without visitors is the product that no one knows about, so one of the most important tasks entrusted to the e-marketer is to develop site traffic. Today, we see that a large part of the traffic in the Internet is assisted by the commercial search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing, because they represent the first choice for surfing the Internet. Therefore, it was necessary to develop the site in order to rank well in the lists of search engines.



Marketing through social networks: (Social Media)

Social media platforms have become open to everyone, so many companies have taken advantage of using them to improve their communication with their customers or to advertise their services and products.

In general, advertising on social media has become focused on creating good content that interests and encourages readers to publish it in their circle of acquaintances, and thus this process develops the traffic of visitors to your website.

Also, this type of messages transmitted by friends or acquaintances have a better effect than company messages because their source is reliable. This type of e-marketing takes a lot of time compared to the aforementioned types, as you can start reaping the fruits of your marketing efforts after a few months at least.



Advertising Marketing: ( Online Advertising )

It is one of the most important means and types of marketing on the Internet, as it provides an integrated mix of advertising plans that serve as luminous, moving or stationary billboards, or however you like. You can set a specific budget and place the advertisement in targeted sites or specific programs to show those ads. The results and benefits are determined in one of two ways:

Pay Per Impression

It means the number of times the ads are shown to the target group and is always calculated in thousand impressions

 Payment by clicking on the advertisement: (Pay Per Click)

     It is a system of clicks on ads, where you are charged and you determine what will happen after those clicks, either the visitor goes to your site directly to complete browsing services and products, or to purchase the product. Advertising marketing methods are one of the most important ways that ultimately lead to achieving certain sales by targeting the customer segment and dealing with them in many ways to attract

Interactive Visual Advertising: (Digital Marketing)

It is a fairly modern type of e-marketing, as it is concerned with attracting and drawing the attention of customers by relying on visual effects through videos that display products and offers, as well as animated flash ads and many other forms. It is reported that there are many social networks that provide interactive visual marketing services, the most famous of which is YouTube.



Content Marketing: (Content Marketing)

Content marketing has emerged in the past five years, as it is referred to by the famous sentence that says: “Content is the king,” as this method is through the creation of a blog, forum or content management system. If you manage to pay attention to the content of those sites, you will undoubtedly be able to attract a lot of customers and be able to convince them to buy your products.

All of these types of e-marketing are effective tools, (if used correctly) where you can become more familiar with your products and services on the Internet and convert your visitors into potential customers