Human Resources System

Human Resources System


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The Human Resources Management System is an integrated system with multiple options. This is a system of smart software solutions to facilitate the management of all areas, especially the field of supervising the appointment of new employees, interviewing and hiring them. The system provides an integrated environment that is easy to communicate with, so that it makes your work more organized, and through the system supervision is carried out To recruit, interview and hire new employees as well as consult with senior executives on strategic planning and act as a liaison between the organization's management and its employees.

So that the human resources and payroll management system plans, directs and coordinates the administrative tasks of any organization under any sector (commercial, service, technical, etc..)

  • Online Recruitment System and CV Archive

  • Management system (employee information) Each employee can view his data and entitlements (leaves balances - salaries - deductions - bonuses, etc.) through an employee portal

  •  He can also submit his requests (leaves - exit permissions - additional working hours...) through this portal and receive a response by agreement or (reject or wait)

  • Archives (staff documents)

  • Absence management (linking time and attendance to the fingerprint device - and the human resource feed system via leave data (species assignment with automatic calculation of the year)

  • compensation (customized)

  • Employment development (( payroll, schedule, pay slip (tax, deductions variables assignment)) gives the performance appraisal management report

                           Submits payroll and HR bug report (include required slander report from Tax & INAS Dep)