Archiving System

Archiving System


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The archiving system is an integrated system with multiple options. This is a system of smart software solutions to facilitate the management of all areas, especially the field of electronically storing and indexing documents and files, and issuing detailed reports for all different data. The system provides an integrated environment that is easy to communicate, making your work more organized, and through the system supervision On the design of the archiving tree for several levels according to the appropriate classification of the facility

So that the archiving system saves and indexes documents and files electronically and coordinates the administrative tasks of any institution under any sector (commercial, service, technical, etc..)


The most important jobs

  • Designing an archiving tree for several levels according to the appropriate classification for the facility that operates on the system. At the last level of the document data tree, identification fields can be designed to fit the data of archived documents by the user of the system.

  • Indexing and storing documents in the permanent store of the system with multiple ways of storage and retrieval at any time and from anywhere on the work network with multiple ways of reading.

  • Manage all operations of documents, records, users, groups, and permissions, with accurate automatic monitoring of the work of all users by the system administrator.

  • Issuing summary and detailed reports for the establishment's documents, their contents, divisions and various data.

The most important benefits

  • Creating a permanent store of documents preserved from loss, small in size and easy to move around to save or use.

  • Flexibility of the system in designing its divisions and fields according to the nature of the documents and the nature of the facility's activity.

  • Very easy and fast access to the document electronically during its life span.

  •  Archiving documents centrally so that any document (for a specific branch in any city) from any of the company's branches is reviewed, either on the internal network LAN, or using the extended network (WAN).

  •  The documents in the electronic archiving system are considered legal evidence that can be invoked in the facilities, such as a copy of the sales invoice signed by the customer, so the signature is an argument.

  • Tightening control over the company's documents by keeping them and determining the powers of their use.

  • Documents allowed to be circulated between users are automatically transmitted through the system.

        The most important settings

  • Archiving tree design with its multiple levels.

  • Design the identification fields of the documents to accommodate their data.

  • Build additional categories to expand document search options.

  • Distribute search templates according to users' permissions.

  • Adding the powers of functional groups for users within the facility.

Key Features

  • Organize, classify, and easily and quickly access documents by any user.

  • Ease of searching and flexibility of access to various documents through keywords and granted permissions.

  • Obtaining detailed reports of the documents and the control of the users.

  • Keeping a backup organizes all documents archived up to the date of the copy.

  • Adopting a dynamic mechanism in the retrieval of documents to achieve speedy review.