Accounting system

Accounting system


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The accounting system is an integrated system with multiple options. This is a system of smart software solutions to facilitate the management of all areas, especially the field of calculating all expenses, benefits and various forms of revenue for all different data. The system provides an integrated environment that is easy to communicate so that it makes your work more organized. This is what enables any business institution to easily measure economic activities and get out of them with reports that can be shared with shareholders where the shareholders play

Accounting is the most important part for any organization under any sector (commercial, service, technical etc..)

  • Customization Accounting System (prepared to integrated with other systems 

  • Inventory

  • HR

  • Invoicing Services

  • Payroll 

  • General ledger 

  • Accounts Payable and Procurement 

  • Liabilities 

  • Assets management

  • Trial balance

  • Cash Flow

Banking (Statements – LCs – CAD – Transactions)  

Organizing the accounts into the financial statements