Shipping Management System

Shipping Management System


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The marine freight management system is an integrated and multi-option system. This is a system of smart software solutions to facilitate the management of the field of marine freight. It is a logistics platform that uses technology to help companies plan, implement and improve the movement of goods, whether incoming or outgoing, to ensure that the shipping process complies with the requirements with the availability of documents necessary. The system provides an integrated environment that is easy to communicate so that it makes your work more organized, and through the system is supervised to facilitate the work of companies as we work on the international constants for shipping so that we direct and receive flights and coordinate administrative tasks by documenting and controlling the movement of containers and processing the goods manifest in terms of billing (delivery) Shipping - container warranty - demurrage) as well as customer accounts and deductions statements (money, containers) and this makes the performance of work easier and more organized for any institution in the shipping sector


  • International Constants

  • Trips

  • EDI processing and generation

  • merchandise declaration

  • Documentation (BOL - Freight - Container - Good Details)

  • Container control (movements)

  • Invoices - such as bills of (delivery - shipping - container warranty - demurrage)

 Customer account statements and debits (money - container)