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E-commerce, or rather the use of websites to sell products, has become one of the most effective sales channels, and opens many doors for your company or business. But just owning an online store is not enough to achieve great sales, but rather it requires a well-defined and well-defined strategy, which relies on the best available strategies. In this article, we introduce you to seven of these strategies for building a successful store and outsmarting your competition.

1. Make sure that it is easy and smooth to browse the site through mobile

A recent Google survey predicted a number of aspects of the B2B industry, and showed that more than 53.67% of e-commerce marketplace websites are responsive to mobile. And 90% of customers who buy through their phone are more likely to buy again if the browsing and buying experience is quick and easy.

Providing an optimal experience for browsing your online store through mobile is critical, in addition to the role that mobile plays in improving your store's ranking on search engines. Optimizing page load time, readable text and images, small content that is familiar to the screen, and mobile-specific features are some of the ways to make your ecommerce site more navigable.

2. E-commerce videos

Video content is a great form of e-marketing and brings a great return on investment as it helps increase conversions and sales, improve search engine rankings, increase user count and also visitor engagement with your online store. In some countries such as India, 68% of users prefer sellers who use video to promote their stores and products, and it is not much different when it comes to the Saudi and Gulf market in general; The video gives the user or visitor an easy way to understand the nature of the store and the products it offers.

3. Building a mobile app

One of the best e-commerce development strategies is to build an app for your mobile store where customers can track and purchase products as the app increases engagement, facilitates buying, and thus increases sales and conversion rates. It is important to focus on the quality and effectiveness of the application, and to think of strategies to keep the user engaged such as taking advantage of the feature to send notifications of discounts and sales, providing personalized discount vouchers to the user, etc.

4. Pricing competitively

Competitive pricing and purchase discounts are some of the ways your store website can give the primary attention it needs to get its business going. Therefore, if your competitors are providing the same product at a better price, you lose a large portion of the customers, as we definitely put the price as a primary consideration before purchasing any product. It is important to research well, set specific criteria and variables before pricing the product on your online store and ensure that the price is competitive compared to the prices of other stores.

5. Reward loyal customers

As you focus on getting more visitors to your online store and converting those visitors into customers, it's also important that you don't ignore your existing customer base. Reward existing customers for buying from you on an ongoing basis, and their loyalty to your brand enhances their confidence in your products, and builds trust in your brand in a way that makes them skip the idea of ​​looking for any other online store.

Customers need to feel appreciated, coupons and extra discounts and perfect customer service are some of the ways to keep customers and show them appreciation, as approximately 18% of online store sales come from already existing customers rather than new ones.

6. Improve the relationship with suppliers

An online store is a set of parts linked together, such as packaging, shipping and possibly also the supply of products if you are dealing with external suppliers; Knowing how to manage these parts and harmonize them is essential to the success of any online store. Continuous monitoring of inventory, ensuring product availability, and finding faster ways to communicate with suppliers are all important to building your online store and differentiating from your competitors.

7. Accelerate charging

Supplier and partner relationships are primarily associated with the seventh and final strategy, shipping acceleration; Having a fast shipping process based on technology and digital management platforms increases the success of any online store, and gives you an exceptional competitive advantage.