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Determining the target audience the best possible practices of promotional campaigns for the business sectors. It is what is offered to you in return for the campaign, which may be money or an investment in exchange for the target customer to obtain a product or service.

To achieve this, several steps must be taken to identify this target audience.

One of the biggest mistakes that digital marketers make for brands is trying to attract users of social networks of all categories and classifications, while it is correct to focus on a specific group of audience to target, it is unreasonable to work to meet the desires of everyone, and waste time and money for that And energy that can be redirected to target a specific category on which your campaign efforts focus.

personal marketing template 

The main objective of this type of template is to target a specific segment or category of users and select a number of Persona (between 3-5 users) to represent the vast majority of your audience.

It should include the basic data that you are keen to know about users, including the following:

Target username Persona


  1.   Basic information about the company he works for (its size, specialization, etc.).

  2.   Job details.

Demographics (what demographics he belongs to)

  1.   Age

  2.   sex

  3.  Salary/family income

  4.  Place of residence: In an urban, rural or suburban area

  5.   Educational level

  6.   family

Objectives and challenges

  1.   Its primary goals

  2.   secondary goals

  3.   How can he help him achieve these goals?

  4.   Initial challenges

  5.   secondary challenges

  6.   How can you contribute to solving these problems?

values ​​and concerns

  1.    core values

  2.    Common Objections During the Sales Process