Corporate management sector

  • Corporate management sector

PAL4IT has worked on finding smart software solutions on a system that helps manage companies and the organization, which is the resource planning system, as the resource planning system for any A company or organization to unify and protect its information in the completion of operations and reports and to provide easy views in all directions through capabilities, so that it provides you with a lot of advantages What makes the resource planning system based on the company's daily operations of long-term planning easier and faster to facilitate the management of all areas started with the human resources management system, which Supervises the recruitment of new employees, online recruitment, CV archives, interviews and recruitment, and supports the management system (information and documents Employees - application management - absence management - reporting management - tax administration - etc.) Also, an archiving system is added to this system, as it saves and indexes documents and files Electronically and coordinate the administrative tasks of any institution under any sector and works on (designing the archiving tree with its multiple levels - managing all document and records operations And users - Issuing summary and detailed reports for the establishment's documents - Keeping a backup copy that organizes all the archived documents - Organizing and classifying documents and easy and quick access To it - and others) and to make this system integrated and more efficient, it supports the accounting department in companies with an accounting system that calculates all types of reports, expenses and benefits And revenue forms for all the different data (inventory - human resources - payroll - billing services - general ledger - asset management - trial balance - financial flow - Banks - Organizing accounts in the financial statements (and this data helps the company to raise the level of productivity and remedy financial errors. An inventory management system is added to this system. It is the function responsible for keeping the assets in appropriate quantities until requested. The system stores and saves data electronically and issues detailed reports for all data. and the possibility of reviewing them at any time (item cards - purchase order PO - goods receipt notes GRN with a copy of the supplier's invoice - site material request SMR with a period Time for damage or expiration - Delivery notes (with the nearest expiry date) - Cost of goods - Reports - Stock status - etc.) which allows the company to manage its inventory of materials properly Accurate and smart while maintaining the movement of all previously stored materials and knowing how to dispose of them. As the resource planning system is a major resource for any organization under any sector (commercial, health, educational, service, technical, etc..) which makes her work smoother


Maritime shipping sector

  • Maritime shipping sector

PAL4IT has worked on finding smart solutions that help organize the management of maritime freight, as it has developed an integrated system with multiple options, and this system is a platform Logistics uses technology to help companies plan, implement, and optimize the movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing, to ensure shipment compliance with requirements. Executing them, while providing the necessary documents so that we are working to provide the requirements, documents and international constants for shipping and we are directing and receiving flights and coordinating administrative tasks By documenting and controlling the movement of containers, processing the goods statement and preparing invoices (delivery - shipping - container guarantee - delay fines, etc.) with linking general accounts and all invoices Automatically, as well as customer accounts statements and deductions (money, containers), as well as EDI processing, i.e. (delivery orders - delivery invoices - collateral management - collateral settlement - management Delay fines) with the provision of receipts for all of the above, as the system provides an integrated environment that is easy to communicate so that your work is more organized and this makes work performance easier And more organized for any institution in the shipping sector


Hospital management sector

  • Hospital management sector

PAL4IT has worked on finding smart solutions on a system that helps the management of the health institution to manage aspects (administrative, financial, medical) while providing a mobile application that helps The patient can book an appointment, specify a doctor, and help access the full medical file. The system works to help doctors by registering the patient's condition (complaint). And symptoms, examinations and x-rays by means of DICOM image processing, operations, diagnoses, doctors’ orders, patient follow-up and others via the web or mobile. It is provided as well The system is the best solution for administrators through (control panel, invoices, comprehensive statistics system, advanced reports, accounting system, multiple users, the ability to customize And others), to form a more efficient perception of the specialists and the system to cover all areas needed by the health sector


Education sector

  • Education sector

PAL4IT has worked on finding smart solutions on the educational institutions management system that is integrated and has multiple options, as the system provides an integrated environment that is easy to communicate between Teachers, students, parents and administration, and the system works on (an easy-to-work interface for all administrative persons - protecting files and school data from damage - an entry system Semester and annual grades and grades of the student's work - tuition costs - their installments - and dues for payment - automatic copying periodically and a recovery system in case of any error - available In more than one language, the most important of which is Arabic and English - Print and export reports in more than one PDF, EXCEL format - The program supports many currencies to choose between when setting settings The system - and others) on the school's website fully integrated with the system and a mobile application for parents and students, which provides complete ease of communication and achieves A distinctive image of the school and the advancement of the educational process


Insurance sector

  • Insurance sector

PAL4IT has worked on finding smart solutions on the insurance system to help the process of issuing insurance policies for various types of properties (personal, public) according to according to the laws in force by the state, while providing a mobile application that helps the competent authorities to verify the authenticity of the document effectively and smartly while displaying the most important statistics To help increase productivity and raise the performance of employees, the system provides an integrated environment that is easy to communicate so that work performance is easier and more organized for any organization


Tourism facilities management sector

  • Tourism facilities management sector

PAL4IT has worked on finding smart solutions on the management system for hotels and tourist villages, which includes (reservation management - service management - revenue management), i.e. the system With the service of selling room reservations for the service sector, which will create more sales opportunities, more cost savings, outstanding service performance and lower marketing costs when it is You have control over (viewing available rooms and requesting room reservations - discounts on customer room services - financial revenues - accounting system (linked to Cashier and Customer) Balance - (General Ledger - Accounts Payments and Purchases - Assets Management - Trial Balance - Organizing Accounts in Financial Lists - Client Portal for Admission and Reservation System - Sending an e-mail to the customer to display the conditions and requirements to confirm the reservation and its validity - and others) then you will get an opportunity to provide the service professionally


Real estate marketing sector

  • Real estate marketing sector

PAL4IT has worked on finding smart solutions on a system that helps real estate marketing companies and institutions, so that the first stage begins with real estate marketing by finding the opportunity Real estate that is suitable for you through the platform of the system, secondly, commission marketing, and thirdly, real estate tours and the services that accompany them, such as requesting a real estate tour for the property to be purchased, as well as The system also provides two mobile applications, namely (an application for platform employees to facilitate task management, an application for customers that allows them to browse and book appointments for real estate tours and provides a chat system To facilitate the process of communication between customers and workers on the platform) it also provides after-sales services for real estate equipment, restoration and resale